Make 2019 Your Pink Cloud


For real, though. Fuck the new year, new you bullshit. You’re still the same you. And that’s pretty freaking awesome! Just think about everything you’ve been through that’s led you up to this point… let’s all take a moment and celebrate that! You’re strong, resilient spirit is never going to change… it’s part of who you are… and it’s only gonna get sweeter this year…

I am not into New Year’s resolutions. The word resolution, to me, implies expectations and pressure, which, if you’re like me, you’ll automatically want to rebel against.

An intention, though, is totally different. The word intention implies that you intend on accomplishing something, or you simply want to manifest it into your life. Now we’re talkin’ – this means there’s no pressure. What you want may not exactly manifest this year but by getting clear about wanting it in the first place, you get your wheels spinning in the right direction. This is how I roll.

My favorite thing about the end of a year and the first week of January is how excited I get about the possibility of a fresh new twelve months ahead.

I love thinking about what I want to create for my life. I journal and write various drafts of my intentions for all areas of my life and when I’ve narrowed it all down, I write it in Sharpie on a pretty piece of paper and put it up in my house where I can see it everyday.

What we focus on visually; what is in our immediate thoughts and awareness; that’s the stuff we manifest into our reality. If you want something you have to do the work to get it. It’s not going to just fall into your lap.

BUT… I will be clear about one thing… YOU are in control of your life. YOU are writing your own story. YOU are literally the director of your own movie! Make it epic!

Here’s to a wonderful and expansive 2019!