2020 Vision

Happy New Year! It’s a fresh start, and I’m feeling all the things.

I came home to Seattle over the holidays to be with family and unplug a bit. I’ve experienced a wide range of emotions since being here including intense joy, excitement, love, laughter, adventure, sadness, tears, nostalgia, and heartache…

I’ve tried to sit down and write something “meaningful” about it all but nothing is coming yet. I guess I’m deep in the feeling-through-it-all part right now. And that’s okay. So, here is what is coming through that I feel compelled to share at the moment as we journey into the new year…


Some years are about growth and expansion, and others are about coasting. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to coast, friends. If that’s where you’re at, own it. Allow yourself to go slow, go more inward, and give yourself some space to process what you’re going through. It’s only when we allow this space that we heal and create potential for future expansion. The new year always brings a lot of hype around changing things and doing things differently. Maybe you had a stellar year last year and you just want to repeat that again. Great. If you’re ready for expansion and you’re a business owner or entrepreneur (or want to be), I’ve got your back. Contact me.


I’ve written and rewritten this part a thousand times and I’m going to settle on this: Life is short. Love who you love. Be okay with being misunderstood. At the end of the day it’s what makes you happy that’s really important… not what you do that makes everyone else happy. The right people will come into your life and they will stay. They will love you through your darkest moments. They see you – your flaws, your imperfections, your scars, your gifts, your light – and they love all of it. They see past all that… they see your Soul. And they challenge you. They hold space for you to grow. They inspire truth over imagination. They make you want to live your most honest life. You’ll know exactly who these people are because they feel like… Home. Now is the time to let go of any relationships that are draining you, for whatever reason. You get to choose who you have in your life. Choose the ones who feel like Home.


Take a moment to write a list of ten things you can choose from daily to take care of yourself. Here are some ideas: meditate, practice yoga, go for a walk outside, write in your journal, read a book, take a bath, buy yourself some flowers, take yourself out to dinner, plan a solo trip somewhere, create something beautiful, do more of that thing you love, sit on the couch and stare at the wall… Nourishing your relationship with yourself does not have to cost a thing. Getting plenty of quality alone time every week will boost your confidence and help you show up more authentically to your life.


It’s the only one you’ve got. Give it some love everyday. Whether you’re into working out at the gym, running, practicing yoga, cycling, or whatever… commit to moving your body. Your relationships will all improve, you’ll have more energy, your creativity will skyrocket, and you’ll overall just kick ass at life.


If you’re new to meditation, know that the goal is not to turn off your thinking or feelings for a given amount of time in order to “find peace.” Rather, meditation invites us to embrace the totality of our experience (which includes thoughts and feelings) by practicing compassion and non-judgment with whatever we observe in stillness. We reclaim our power through this awareness. We cultivate the ability to respond instead of react. The beautiful thing is meditation can be done any time, any place.


We live busy lifestyles. Getting proper rest and sleep is of utmost importance for our overall wellness. A great habit to create is a midday reset, which could look something like 20 minutes of sitting on your couch doing nothing, or a 20-minute nap. Or even a simple meditation if you just have ten minutes.


At the risk of sounding cliché, I’m gonna say it… book that trip. Pack up and move. Start that business. Take up that hobby. Ask that person out. Commit to the one you really love. That thing that scares you… do it. Because you know what’s on the other side of fear? Pure, intense joy. And love. Unconditional love. When you follow your heart, the Universe gets excited. It rearranges your circumstances, relationships, and perspective to be more in alignment with what you truly want. Scary? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Take the leap.

We’re in this together.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you this year… I look forward to connecting with you. Let’s do this 2020 thing!