A New Chapter

Well, it’s May 4th. A new month is in front of us all. And since last Thursday, the final day of April, this pandemic has officially gotten real for me.

Last Thursday, the owners of the beloved yoga studio where I have practiced and taught for the past five years announced to us teachers that they would be closing the doors permanently to all three of their studios. There were a lot of tears, from everyone. Up until now during this quarantine, my life has been pretty much the same. Aside from going to the studio to teach my classes each week, I work from home with my branding design business, so staying home a bit more for a while didn’t sound like a big deal.

I went from teaching four to five classes per week to teaching once/week live from my living room. Although online classes are great for guided home practice, I saw them as a temporary solution, knowing in the back of my mind we’d be back in the studio soon. The permanent closure announcement came as a shock to us all, but also with complete understanding of why it had to be done.

The following day, May 1st, the news was announced to the entire community via email and I experienced the hugest outpouring of love, shock, and support from so many people now experiencing the same feeling of loss as I was. The best way to describe it for me is that it feels like someone died.

Since I was a young girl, I have been in a studio. I danced almost every night of the week. I didn’t play sports. The studio was my second home, a place where I felt free to be completely myself, to move, breathe, feel, process, and connect. And when the vibe is good, the sense of community in a studio space is a priceless gift. Bring some yoga into that space and you have some serious healing and transformation going on. Basically, I have my home, and then I have my studio home. It’s been this way my whole life, and now my studio home is gone, so I need to build a new one. Not just for me, but now for our whole yoga community. This year I’ve been teaching yoga for ten years. A decade sounds like the perfect time for a new chapter.

Things are happening right now that feel out of our control, because they are. But, what can we control? We can control our thoughts, attitude, and actions around all of it. We can control the way we choose to respond to it on a personal level, and that is something we all need to wake up to and take ownership for. It’s time to take responsibility for where we are at in our lives, make changes, and keep going. Space is being cleared for new things to emerge. And while I/we could easily just all go join other yoga studio communities that already exist, that just doesn’t feel right to me. I am feeling the call to serve, and I am answering it.

So, I am doing my homework. I’ve got my feelers out around town and though I feel a bit crazy, something inside is telling me that now is the perfect time to get going. Because I know for a fact that once all this dust settles, we will all be ready to get back to the studio. Our studio. Our community. Our healing journeys will continue in a new space. A little flame is burning inside me and I can’t put it out. My mind is spinning, the ideas are flowing, and it’s pretty fucking exciting.

Offering virtual yoga classes hasn’t been fully resonating with me… perhaps because it just feels odd. There’s something about a real yoga class, being around people, breathing together, that you just can’t capture on camera. I look forward to the day we can practice together again, and I hope for the opportunity to lead us all on this new adventure.

It’s devastating to say that many more businesses will likely have no other choice than to close their doors permanently due to this pandemic. May we all stay positive, continue our home practice for now, and remember that when one door closes, another one opens.