When we are born we are perfect, pure, new, and innocent. Then life happens and is full of pain and suffering. It can harden our shell and shift our perspective, but that purity is always at our core. Yoga is how we find our way home to that. It is a journey back home… to help us uncover our authenticity, special gifts, and live with greater purpose and joy in this lifetime.


I believe my mission in this life is to help people heal themselves and empower them to live their purpose with passion and commitment. All the things I do in my work-life are centered around this deep desire to help others.


In my yoga classes, you’ll find a dynamic and empowering vinyasa flow with an emphasis on breath and body awareness, meditation, and tapping into the power of the present moment. The workshops I teach are focused on self-work, empowerment, connection, and always involve a deep level of heart healing. 

Loren is 500-hour certified through Yoga Alliance with Stacy Dockins and has been teaching yoga since 2010. She is also a branding designer, jewelry artist, writer, mother, traveler, and forever student. The common thread in all her work is a deep desire to help others live with greater purpose and intention.


Wear Your Intention