Affirmations for Badasses

We have to wire new thoughts into our subconscious mind if we want to make any real lasting life changes.

Otherwise our old limiting beliefs that no longer serve us will continue to run the show. It takes practice and effort to change our thinking, but it is possible and it’s the key to designing your life. The energy we put out has to match the energy of what we want… aka the Law of Attration. Like attracts like. We must wholeheartedly believe we deserve it first. So, pick an affirmation from the list below, or come up with your own. Make sure it really empowers you… that it resonates deep in your soul when you say it.


  • Write it on sticky notes and stick them everywhere you go often (around your house, on your mirrors, in your fridge, in your car).
  • Say it to yourself everywhere you go, out loud or consciously mentally repeat it over and over throughout your day.
  • Write it down ten times every morning and ten times every night before you go to bed.



I deserve and receive massive amounts of love every moment of every day.

I am one with the universe. The universe is awesome and so am I.

My heart is open. Love pours in and out.

I receive all the good that life has to offer me.

I am brilliant, bright, and beautiful.

I love how tall I am and I love the size of my ass.

I am un fucking stoppable.

I’m so thankful to live this kickass life.

Things are always working out for me.

I trust my journey and I always find my way.

I deserve supreme and unstoppable happiness.

I am so fucking thankful for this beautiful life.

I never stop killing it.

I handle every situation in front of me with grace and ease.

I am a powerhouse and I take care of business.

My unique spirit brings shit tons of light to the world.


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