Divine Feminine Rising

You’ve heard it lately in the yoga-spiritual world and have probably seen it on a tee shirt… “Divine Feminine Rising.” But what the hell does that even mean?

It means that it’s time to understand & embody what it truly means to stand in our empowered feminine energy.

There is a shift happening right now.

For so long, feminine has been seen as weaker than masculine. She has been suppressed, and she is angry. She is our wounded feminine. Many of us have lived with her for a while and are very familiar with her. When we’re in our wounded feminine we wreak havoc on our own lives and of those we love by living in fear, manipulating, creating chaos, self-sacrificing, and playing the victim. This can be a pretty dark place.

There is a shift happening right now.

We are beginning to wake up to her and listen to her. We are finally hearing her out. This is our divine feminine. The listening. The responding instead of reacting. The holding space. She is here. And she is on the rise as we all begin to reclaim our power and rewrite our stories. And start living who we truly are. And connecting to that. And knowing that.

We are moving away from the patriarchy… from objectifying women… from misogynistic social structures. Everything is coming to a head. Can’t you feel it?

There is a shift happening right now.

And this is a call to action. Because it starts with you. It is vital that we move forward in our empowered feminine and leave behind our wounded. She is a part of us, and she may show herself from time to time, but we must honor her. Recognize her. And respect her. Because as our shadow, she has brought us to the light and will always be one of our most powerful teachers.

Ready to embody your empowered feminine?

Our Women’s Circle workshops are an opportunity to practice vulnerability, stand together with your sisters, experience deep heart healing, and empower your life through deeper awareness and practical tools to truly embody your empowered feminine.

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