Don’t Let The Fear Stop You

Hi, loves.

So, we’re on the edge of summer. It’s straight up gorgeous here in Texas, hasn’t gotten too hot yet (except maybe a couple random days, Texas always keeping us on our toes). Last week was in the 80s. Everything is green. There’s a buzz happening as people are starting to get back out in the world. It’s glorious.

And oh yeah, the pandemic. Dare I say, “what pandemic?” People are so clearly ready to get back to life around here. So many cars on the road. Restaurants are packed. The only place I typically see people wearing masks is at the grocery store.

During the two weeks I spent in creation mode bringing The Studio life, my son kept uttering the most perfect phrase out loud, thanks to probably one of his favorite Netflix shows. I am not sure he even really knew what it meant, but he probably did, and that’s what makes it even cooler.

We would be doing random things, like playing outside. He would be inviting me to play with him in a certain way and utter, “C’mon Mom, don’t let the fear stop you!”

Kid after my own heart. Always reminding me I’m on the right path. What a gift.

One important thing I have realized lately is that I land on one extreme end of the spectrum with this whole pandemic. I have rewrote this letter a few times now trying to figure out how I can present how I feel out loud without offending anyone or making anyone feel uncomfortable who feels different than me. But I also need to be myself and feel like we all need to wake up to what’s really going on and stop living in fear. So I’m going to share some thoughts I have about it so you can understand more clearly why I choose to act the way I do. These are things that have stood out to me as important to observe over the past couple months.

Since the beginning of time there have been things that cause mass death in this world. To me, this virus just another one of them. Whether this is a virus that spread from animals in China, or whether it’s a manmade virus created to kill off some of our population, or whether it came from somewhere else, I am not sure, but I truly feel I don’t have the facts to say which of those is true. I also choose not to live in fear of getting it or spreading it.

What I do know is this entire ordeal has created a fear factor in our lives. The news and government are telling us that it is not safe out there, and with the news changing every day, it’s very confusing to know what’s really going on. This is where going within as individuals becomes very important. Times like these are an opportunity for us to really pause, listen to our inner voice, and decide for ourselves what feels right.

Remember that fear and the idea of our world being unsafe is a stressor for the nervous system. This fear is putting many of us in a state of fight or flight. Stress is the leading cause of sickness and health issues. Stress causes our bodies, on a physical level, to prepare for battle. It lowers the immune system, making it more susceptible to disease. This is why yoga is so beneficial for all. It helps us feel relaxed and at ease by inviting in some parasympathetic tone with the deep breathing and conscious, mindful movement. Our nervous systems were already in sympathetic overdrive before all this hit just with our busy lifestyles, take a moment to imagine where they’re at now! No wonder we are seeing police brutality and riots in the streets… frankly, I am not surprised. People are so stressed out from living in fear that they are acting completely different than they normally would.

The fact that all these “COVID” deaths are being labeled so when really these people have had underlying conditions that were the actual cause of their death… this just does not sit right with me. I simply encourage you to look at the hard facts, zoom out a bit, look at the bigger picture, and then decide for yourself what feels true to you.

On my spiritual path, the more I go within and purposefully listen for the answers to the questions I have, the better off I am, the less I live in fear, and the more nonresistant I am to life. Because you guys, life is going to happen. We really have no control over most things, so why resist them? Death is going to happen to us all eventually. Why does it matter how we go? Virus, car wreck, peacefully in our sleep? We truly have no control over that. I will not waste my life being scared of death. Thank you, animal instincts and common sense for protecting me on the daily as I live my life to the fullest.

The repercussions from closing down the economy have been way more massive than the people getting sick from “coronavirus.” Two months of quarantine is enough. People’s jobs and livelihood have been taken away. This is way more alarming and challenging to reconcile than a sickness that most people recover from in a week. And if you’re not healthy, this is your wake up call. It’s time to start paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. It’s time to start moving your body. You are the only one responsible for your health and wellbeing.

Today I choose to live in my own awareness and trust myself. And I choose to allow others to do the same. My goal with teaching yoga is to help empower you to embrace the totality of your own experience and support you along the way on your path to deeper self-awareness. And that looks different for everyone.

If you’re not feeling ready to come out into the world yet, it’s ok. If wearing a mask makes you feel more comfortable in public, rock on. If you’re not into masks, rock on some more. If the thought of an in-person yoga class seems absurd, irresponsible or uncomfortable to you right now, that’s ok. Take your time. But I know many of us are ready to get back at it, and there has been an excitement around that and joy in seeing each other again and hugging and connecting.

So take your time, but be smart. Question everything. When it comes to news and media consumption, manage the information you take in just like you manage everything else in your life. See if you can go within and instead find the answers yourself. They are there. If you feel comfortable, come practice with us. Your yoga mat is a place for you to tune in and find those answers.

Can’t wait to see you soon! These pop-up classes are selling out fast. The energy we are creating together has been pretty magical and I so look forward to watching it grow over the coming months. Get signed up for class now at

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