Fall Musings

I sat down to write this yesterday and had major writer’s block. So I went to yoga hoping for inspiration, and here I am and it’s October 1st and I’m still not exactly sure what to say. But here goes…

I love this time of year. I always have. Even though it’s still pretty hot in Texas, we’ve all shifted into “fall” mode – the pumpkins are out, the decor is up, and my house smells like a damn candy apple. We’re ready. I’ve transitioned my closet for the season… bought a couple cute sweaters and some new socks… just waiting to wear them now.

I think the reason I’m feeling a little blank is because I’ve been pondering some heavy questions lately, such as: What is really true? Isn’t everything just a story? Who made up astrology? Who made up the chakra system? Do we really have spinning colorful balls of energy in our aura? Is God a big man in the sky? What the hell does all this even mean? What do I really know?

*Enter huge pot of coffee.*

What I do know is that I’ve reached a point on my spiritual path where I just feel exhausted. I’m tired of trying to figure everything out all the time. I’m tired of attaching so much meaning behind every little thing that happens. Maybe things just happen and I’m just sitting here spinning around on a huge rock orbiting a giant ball of fire in a universe full of more rocks and balls of fire.

This is some kind of radical transformation going on aka my Existential Crisis 2019. I’m still making sense of it all but here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

  • I have a body and I am in it 100% of my life.
  • I am breathing. I am alive.
  • There are many beautiful stories about why we are here. Religion, astrology, the chakra system, and a ton of other ones. These are stories that may provide positive containers for our wellness but they are not absolute truths.
  • I am made of energy and so is everything else, so I am in relationship with everything all of the time… myself, other people, my food, plants and animals, and everything in between.
  • These relationships have been my biggest teachers in life. And I think this is something to be celebrated this time of year.


With that, here are six things I am feeling most compelled to invest my energy in going forward:


1. Be Mindful

Where focus goes, energy flows. Our power lies in our ability to choose what we pay attention to. Be aware of where you are investing your time and energy. It is precious. Invest in paying attention to your mind so you can notice what thought patterns are not serving you. Only then can you consciously change them. Meditation and yoga are great tools for this.

2. Move & Breathe

Like my favorite yoga teacher Stacy Dockins says, we are in our bodies 100% of the time… wouldn’t it be valuable to learn about them? The answer is obvious, especially if you practice yoga or any other movement modality. Learn about your body. It’s empowering. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, worry, stress, sickness, and your quality of life will improve. Move everyday. Practice taking longer, slower, deeper breaths. Get plenty of rest and nourish yourself with healthy, whole foods and drink plenty of water.

3. Practice Gratitude

Start saying thank you to everything. The food you eat, the water you drink, the birds, the trees, your life circumstances, your strength, everything. Say thank you. Joy and happiness are directly related to how much we appreciate what we already have. Realize you already have it all and you’ll get more of what you want.

4. Love Your People

Our people are our support network. They help us stay accountable. Pay attention to the people you are interacting with everyday. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, inspire you, are loyal to you, that you can trust, people you can learn from. When you’re with them, practice really seeing them. Listen to them. Be as present with them as possible. Tell them how much you love them. Never underestimate the power of quality time with loved ones.

5. The Power of Positivity

Shitty things are going to happen in life, but a positive attitude gives you the courage to face a situation and come out stronger. Practice seeing the good in everything. Challenge yourself to remain positive at all times. You don’t have to attach meaning to everything. Just allow it to happen, be along for the ride and remember that all these crazy experiences are just a series of moments that come and go. You don’t have to hang on too tightly. Enjoy right now.

6. Self Love Notes

I write what I like to call Self Love Notes (affirmations) to myself on sticky notes and stick them all around the house – bathroom mirror, fridge, coffee area, car dash, you get the idea. I go to these places over and over throughout the day, and when I see these sweet little notes I can’t help but read them. If there’s a mirror close by I look at myself in the eyes and say that shit out loud like I mean it! This is an ultimate practice for rewiring the brain and boosting self-confidence. Check out this post for some fun affirmation ideas.


Let’s paint a beautiful October, friends. xo