Let Life Surprise You

September greeted us yesterday with a drop in temperature of 20+ degrees, thunderstorms, and rain that we’ve needed for a while now.

Last night was our first stormy practice at The Studio. Hearing the rain hit the building while we moved, flashes of lightning glimmering with the dim lit amber glow of the vintage bulbs gently lighting our space… such a vibe.

The first of every month marks the beginning of a new cycle, and on this full moon evening, it was all signifying change.

Mother Nature was saying, “here we go.” Fall is coming.

I was really inspired last week by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, when she mentioned a spiritual practice that I, too, absolutely adore: the willingness to be surprised by life. It’s an interesting spiritual practice, because it doesn’t require us to do anything active except be willing to not know what the day will bring.

I let myself be surprised last Sunday. I brought my son to The Studio hoping he’d quietly play trains in the lobby while I practiced. As practitioners came in and setup their mats, I noticed Julian in the hall by the dressing rooms feeling sad. When I asked what was up, he said, “I want to do yoga class, too.”

So, I set him up a mat next to me and we had our very first studio practice together. I was so proud. He stayed on his mat the whole time, did some poses (mostly Savasana!) and didn’t say a word… I never expected this from him at age five-and-a-half. You should have seen the smile on my face during that practice…

Point being… wow, Universe. You got me again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

People surprise us. Life surprises us. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we sure as hell do not know what is coming next. And it’s a beautiful space to be in to consciously practice not resisting what happens. To welcome life in, full force, and trust it with all of our might – that is brave. That is courage at its finest.

So, it’s a new cycle. A new month. Have your desires, have your goals set, but don’t hold on to them too tightly. Leave a little room for magic to pour in through the cracks.

Blessings, love and good vibes, friends.

If you’re in Fort Worth or surrounding areas, I’d love to have you in class. This is a space I created for our growing yoga community, a badass group of people who care about themselves, each other, and the world around them. Our wellness community is grounded in cultivating a mindful environment of ongoing learning, conscious, empowering lifestyles choices, and deep self-awareness. Our body and breath are the doorway in. Join us!