One Week of Morning Affirmations

Morning affirmations are a wonderful way to practice self-love and boost your confidence, preparing a positive mindset for the day.

When you wake up, take a few moments to look at yourself in the mirror and say these words out loud. Repeat them throughout the day as needed to ground yourself and stay connected to your intentions.

This series of mantras moves through the seven chakras, or energy centers in your body. 

7 Days, 7 Chakras, 7 Mantras



I am rooted to the Earth. I belong here and feel at home in my body. I am calm, safe, and nourish myself today with movement and healthy food. My foundation is strong and I am supported by all of creation. My groundedness provides the basis for my entire life to flourish.




I allow myself to feel. Every emotion I have is valid. I know that the only constant is change. I flow like water through life. I am a sensual being and allow myself to feel pleasure in all that life offers me today. I love myself.





I am strong, courageous and powerful. Today, I take care of myself by setting healthy boundaries. I will use my energy to exert my will in the direction I want to go. If I don’t like something, I will change it. I live with purpose and passion. I am confident in all that I do.




My heart is open. I allow myself to connect with those around me. It’s okay for me to feel vulnerable because life is vulnerable. Because I have compassion for myself, I have compassion for others. I invite balance and alignment into my being today, and I will put myself first so that I can best serve others.




I speak my truth clearly and without hesitation. I am talented, creative, and expressive. Today I will communicate my needs, desires, and opinions as I need to, so long as they don’t harm myself or others. I am a unique individual with a special gift. I allow that gift to be seen today.




Today I will follow my intuition. I recognize my gut instincts and honor them because I trust in the widsom of my body and of spirit speaking through me. I see clearly what is and what is not working in my life, and I will make whatever necessary changes I need to today to stay true to myself.




Today, I will raise my vibration by choosing awareness. I realize I am not my thoughts, but I am aware of them. I am so much bigger than anything my mind comes up with. I am an important part of this beautiful web of creation, and I am tapped into my highest self.