Pandemic Thoughts

Well, we are 1/3 of the way through April quarantine – and it’s Friday. And I haven’t drank in a week and I’m back on track with my feel-good practices.

I felt so uprooted and confused when this all started, which was a huge trigger for me. My go-to escape routes are food & booze, so I indulged a bit at first, but nothing to worry about. I might have put on a few pounds but they’re quickly dissolving as we speak because I’m back on my typical intermittent fasting lifestyle (at least a 16-hour window between last food of the day and first food of the day) and no drinking for the rest of the month, at least that’s my goal.

I feel really good, I’ve slept amazing the last couple nights and my dreams last night were a bit wild which is always a good sign in my book. It’s like I’m super awake and aware, even in my sleep…

The truth is, this whole thing has been one massive trigger and it’s been interesting to watch myself and others react/respond to it. This has been a true test to all of my/our wellness practices (or lack thereof) over the past 10+ years. I mean think about it… the self-awareness we can gain here is gold.

How have we handled this massive, sudden change, globally? Do we all realize that true global change starts on a very simplistic, personal level? Do we realize that each and every one of us are this beautiful little microcosm of the entire universe, and that when we change, it changes too?

The power in this realization is the uncovering of our own true power as living beings on this planet and in this universe. Every single thought and action we carry out has a ripple effect. Everything we do, say and think has a consequence affecting a larger force at work… the collective.

Massive change begins within. Collective change starts with you. It’s how you create your life. It’s who you surround yourself with. It’s what you choose (or choose not) to do with your time. It’s how much (or not at all) you choose to listen and tune into your internal landscape, whether or not you choose to follow the calling of your spirit… the direction your heart wants to take you.

Our time here is short. But these days feel long. And spacious. This time is a gift. This time is what we’ve all been complaining we don’t have enough of for so long. It’s finally here. And it’s time to answer the call.

take this time
to be a conscious creator
of your life
this space
we are all in
is crucial
we get to redesign
our perspectives
our priorities
our dreams
we get to choose
what is working
and what isn’t
we are being called
to step into our power
and wake up
the Earth is talking
so we’d better listen