Rise Up

our Earth
is talking to us
can’t you see?
all this is much bigger
than a small mind
can comprehend
this is what
fear breeds
fear of sickness
fear of each other
fear of living your life
this has to stop
get out there
and act
be brave
take your mask off
the one over your eyes
and stand up for your people
because we are all one
and if we want
to save
our Home
we must act
and love one another
more fiercely than ever
the time is now
to rise up
get uncomfortable
have the tough conversations
show your face
be seen
and act out of love
not fear
and petty
your judgments of others
do no good
and say more about
your small mind
than anything
be courageous enough
to expand beyond that
we are equals
and compassion
are the highest vibrations
and we can’t get there
we need each other
enough with all this separation
enough with all this isolation
mind control
at its finest
get up
stand up
wake up
get out there
and live your life
enough is enough
we stand together
we are one


I recorded a new meditation this morning called “Rise Up” for you all in response to yesterday.

I chose not to post the black square on my social media. I chose not to post anything at all. Not because I don’t care about black lives (quite the contrary). But because I care about all lives and I needed a bit more time to create a response instead of a reaction.

Instead of posting yesterday, I had a beautiful in-person conversation with a friend about it all and let myself process. It is through my yoga and meditation offerings that I present some guidance, empowerment, and education as a solution to move through these happenings that we are all experiencing differently.

So, here is my response.

Join me. This is a space for you.