Spring. Renewal. Momentum.

Life Update

A few weeks ago I had a moment.

I think it was a Thursday. And I just got completely overwhelmed. I called my mom and cried on the phone. So much going on! How to manage everything being a single mom? It was like a flashback to my 20s of feeling so confused asking my mom for all the answers. Lol.

So that weekend I decided to consciously unplug. And something else happened. I sat down with my son in his room (he just turned four), in the middle of his toys covering the floor. Before I knew it I was so present with him and realized we were carrying on a full-on conversation, like adults. It was like all the sudden he had grown years beyond the moment I had last fully tuned into him.

I got emotional talking about this moment the other day to my coach. I told her it felt like I missed out on some moments with my son because I get so consumed in everything else I’m trying to do. I cried to her too. She reassured me it’s okay… she reminded be of the beauty that I was actually able to be so present with him in that moment.

The reality is, we are all trying to juggle a lot and sometimes our kids only get 50% of our awareness as we do all the things. And it’s okay.

Ever since all this I have been talking differently to my son. I’ve noticed myself explaining more things to him like an adult… because I see that he understands clearly now everything I’m saying… he wants to learn and I want him to understand the world around him.

Wow, life.

One of my intentions this year is to cry and heal. Since I quit drinking on January 1st, it’s like every experience I’m having is a new one… almost like a child again in many ways. I can sense myself going through a time of massive growth and shift. And I am so welcoming it with open arms.

Funny how this is all happening during spring… coincidence? I think not. Spring cleaning has been at an all-time high in my home, and not only on the inside of my soul but the outside… as I get rid of things in my apartment and replace them with some fresh decor. It’s like I’m nesting. And it feels so good. When we clean up shop (inner and outer) we make space for new creativity and positive momentum to arise in our lives.

How are you spring cleaning? How can I help you?

It’s so important to keep things fresh and new. I’d love to collaborate with you to see how we can work together to create something amazing this season. We are constantly evolving and we have to stay present with what’s happening in our lives so we can learn and grow from it all. I look forward to connecting with you this year!