Summer Solstice Musings

The longest day of the year has arrived.

Just like that, it’s here. Yesterday did feel long, and we enjoyed every moment together, my son and I.

Sunshine, pool play, and good friends have been taking up my time lately, and I’m not mad about it. My skin is darker, my perspective is wider, and I’m more grateful than ever.

But the uncertainty of these times still gets me, often.

I wonder, mostly, if my fierceness and honesty about everything going on has been a personal setback in my career. Or maybe everyone is just pressing pause again.

Either way, I feel the nudge to keep doing what feels right for me, to keep moving forward.

There is a virus going around, yes, but it’s not as deadly as they were saying it was in the beginning.

The Earth is purging. A shift is happening. And I will not resist it. I choose to live in harmony with the Earth. And death is part of that process. It’s a natural thing. Not something we need to fear.

This doesn’t mean I act disrespectful or foolish. I wash and sanitize my hands often and wear a mask in businesses that require me to. I social distance when possible.

I am aware that I can do what I can to help stop or slow the spread of this virus in my daily life, and I do it. I am paying attention.

But I also choose to live my life. And continue doing what I’ve always done: teach yoga, design websites, and make jewelry.

I am an artist. I freelance. My livelihood depends on my work and ability to do work I feel passionate about. These things give me purpose and inspire others. This is all very important to me because, you see, we are all playing a part here.

We each have a role in this massive operation called Life. We are energy. Our vibration matters. What we contribute to this Earth matters and makes a difference in the bigger-picture reality we are all experiencing right now.

I feel these times are calling us each to take responsibility for our own energy… for our own lives. And this requires radical honesty. First with ourselves, and then with others.

I’m calling this The Big Purge.

What is not working right now in your life? What is holding you back from living the life you want to live? What can you do today, for yourself, to get in better alignment with what you feel called toward?

People are starting to wake up. More and more.

And as we wake up as a collective, our eyes are opening to beauty, equality, and justice for all… as we wake up, we are releasing judgments, the need to be right. We are letting the stories and structures burn in our minds of how things “should” be so that we can finally step into what is… what our hearts truly desire. This takes courage. Answer the call.

All I’m saying is… be smart, be respectful, but stay true to you.

There’s quite a fine line to walk here between honoring yourself while being compassionate toward others.

Find your middle way.

But keep your eyes wide and your heart open.

You deserve joy.

You are love.

Thank you for being here.

Enjoy this beautiful day. I hope there is sunshine in your world.