The Door is Open: Step Into Your Power

February is often associated with love and candy hearts. But love is a lifestyle I live daily so that doesn’t really work for me (plus I’m single lol).

February for me is about power this year. Taking massive action. Or, audacious action as my coach Robin would say.

Can you believe January is already over? Only eleven more of those and the year is done.

I just had an incredible kickoff month to 2019. I quit drinking January 1st, led the biggest workshop I’ve ever led, and started my final module of advanced yoga teacher training… yep, after nine years of teaching yoga I’m finally finishing my 500-hour certificate with Stacy Dockins and couldn’t be more thrilled. So grateful. So empowered. Finishing this certification is one of my third chakra intentions this year.

Our third chakra is our power chakra. It’s about exercising our will, taking action, setting healthy boundaries, using our gifts and talents, cultivating meaningful work, exercising our right to choose, and owning our power.

In Sanskrit it’s called Manipura, “the lustrous gem.” It’s the golden fire deep within our core that is brave, courageous, and determined to own our story and live our purpose… the lion or lioness who doesn’t take shit from no one. And we all have this energy within.

This February is about taking action. You’ve set your intentions, now what? Get going. It’s time to blaze forward toward what you want to accomplish or embody this year.

Remember that success happens in the daily work. It’s in the practices we cultivate to balance our energy, nourish our bodies, and connect with our higher self. Every. Single. Day.


Three Steps to Take Action this February

  1. Cultivate positive self-talk. Everything starts in your mind. Get started here.
  2. Use these tools to expand your life.
  3. Don’t slack on the sleep. Read this and make sure you’re getting solid rest in your life.


Sending you all the love this February. Don’t eat too much chocolate. Actually, I take it back. Eat all the chocolate.