The Journey Inward

Hello, April. And hello, anxiety. I just want to briefly touch on this because I don’t want to dwell in negativity, but I want to share my experience. Shortly after spring break was extended two weeks and we all started panicking, I started feeling this pressure in my chest, an entirely new feeling for me. It comes and goes, and it’s uncomfortable. It makes me want to pace around the house. At first I was (of course) freaking out thinking it was the coronavirus, but I am entirely healthy, so I realized that wasn’t the case. I realized and accepted it as anxiety related to the fear and uncertainty of what’s going on right now. After talking with various friends and hearing that they are experiencing the same thing, I began to recognize it as grief and sadness, as we are all mourning the death of our lives before this, and we are all carrying a certain amount of the collective grief and sadness. One morning I cried and it felt like I was weeping for the world… it helped. I felt a release, and that feeling in my chest left… for a while, at least.

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about moving inward during this time. I almost am, too, but honestly, it’s a truth right now that can’t be ignored. Many businesses are closed. We are being told to stay home. That clears up a lot of space to take a good, hard look at our lives. That clears up a lot of space to notice if what we have been doing with our recent days is truly in alignment with what we want and how we want to be living our lives. That’s a lot of space to ponder, dream, and reconsider… our work… relationships… future plans. This space is gold, you guys. Take advantage of it. This is spring cleaning at its finest, so get out your broom and start sweeping.

A part of the solution. Important PSA: if you are reading this, you are a part of the solution. You are open-minded enough that you land in a group of individuals who cares about your own wellbeing, and consequently, the wellbeing of others. You are a conscious person, you realize that your choices and actions are affecting the world at large. You see that you have a choice as to how you handle yourself during this time and you are willing to do the work on a personal level for the greater good of humanity. You, my friend, are a part of the solution. As yogis and meditators we are all being called to lead right now. This is what we’ve all been practicing for. All those hours of intentionally moving and breathing, of sitting in stillness. This is it. The call is to keep going in our own practices, not feed into the fear, and keep being a part of the solution by doing the next indicated thing. What does that mean? It means you just trust innately what to do next. It’s the next thing you just know you’re supposed to be doing right now. The thing you do not have to question. It’s almost like your body is in charge. You just do it. This is about trusting yourself. There is so much wisdom within your body. It is constantly communicating with you, are you listening? What messages does it have for you today? That is the perfect place to start. What is the next indicated thing you’re supposed to do right now?

We’re all on this inward journey together, so please let me know how I can help you.

Let’s make this an April for the books…