What Truly Matters

Shortly after I started teaching yoga, I had the opportunity to manage the beautiful, high-volume studio where my yoga journey began in Bellevue, WA… a suburb of Seattle.

I think this job taught me more than any other job I’ve had.

This is where I learned sales… in the context of a yoga studio… where we sold memberships (aka preventative healthcare plans). It was so easy to sell memberships because of how deeply I believed in the yoga… I had seen it transform my own life and I wanted that for everyone who walked through that door, whether it was their first class or thousandth.

I thrived in that leadership role running the busiest of the company’s five locations.

I led that studio to have its best month of all time with record sales in October of 2012… and loved every minute of it.

I witnessed daily the plethora of ways in which yoga transformed peoples’ lives. I witnessed a beautiful community of people coming together every day for the sake of their own health and wellbeing. This studio was a living, breathing thing and I felt so lucky to be responsible for it.

You see, a yoga studio is a family. There’s something special about seeing people every day, the accountability of taking care of yourself, and being pushed and challenged to evolve and grow in ways you never thought possible. It’s the realization that you don’t have to go through life alone… that there are other people just like you, who feel like you, breathe like you, and who want to thrive, like you.

And now here I am, exactly ten years into my teaching journey this month, about to turn 34, starting my own studio.

Our new location and class schedule begins Monday, August 24th at The Studio. And there’s so. much. to. do. But I am so. damn. excited!

My to-do list this week is long before my son and I head up to Seattle on Saturday for a week to cool off and visit family. But all I can say is this: I wasn’t planning for any of this. It was just what felt like the next step for me with the circumstances I found myself in.

I care about keeping our community together and I’m so excited for you to see the new space I am pouring some love into most of August.

The most helpful thing you can do is sign up for the $99 Monthly Unlimited membership. All I really want is for you to dive back into your practice… every day!

Thank you for being here. Always remember to seize an opportunity when the moment feels right. There is no time to waste, and there is always more work to do!

While searching for an old email yesterday I randomly came across the following quote my old boss had sent us managers at that busy studio I managed eight years ago… I was immediately inspired and reminded that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I leave you with these words today. Let’s have a kickass August!


“If the distractions are too compelling, then your goal is too small. To strengthen your focus, raise your ambitions.

Make your purpose ten times more appealing than anything that could distract you. Make your goal so meaningful and compelling that nothing can compete with it for your time and attention.

You absolutely have the power to do great things. Yet in order for that power to be effective, it must be applied consistently and persistently.

Decide to make good and significant use of your great abilities. Focus yourself, in the biggest way you can imagine, on what is genuinely important.

Give yourself the joy of fulfillment by giving yourself a big, bold challenge that’s worthy of your efforts. Set your sights high, and make your moments count for something truly outstanding.

The world is overflowing with meaningless distractions, and yet they do not have to steal your life away. You can choose to focus your life on a magnificent expression of what truly matters.”

— Ralph Marston